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Developing an Effective Worship Ministry


When I started leading worship I had a very gifted and diligent teacher. Just by watching him I learned a tremendous amount about the workings of a local church worship ministry. I learned about the importance of relationships and encouraging one another. I saw the effects of diligent prayer. I learned how to musically interact with the other members of the team.

Unfortunately, as I travel and teach at churches I find that my story is unique. Most people do not have a mentor to train them in developing an effective worship ministry. The usual method is trial and error mixed with a few tips picked up at conferences.

Over the past several years I have had the opportunity of interacting with many well-known praise and worship leaders and teachers. I have also been able to get to know numerous local church worship leaders and pastors. Through these relationships I have found that most church leaders have the same needs in the area of worship. They are looking for answers to many of the same questions. They are endeavoring to follow the Lord, but also need some of the how-to’s to help them along the way.

My goal in writing this book is to offer practical, useable information for those interested in excelling in “making His praise glorious” (Psalm 66:2). Through experience and studying Scripture, I have compiled practical solid guidelines for developing an effective worship ministry in the local church.

This book is not meant to be all-inclusive. Many details have purposely been omitted. However, the principles contained herein will offer a solid foundation and framework on which you can build a very solid and effective worship ministry.

If your church is brand new or just brand new to contemporary praise and worship, you will find these concepts helpful. Even if you are a part of an established church that has been flowing in praise and worship for years, the guidelines in this book will help strengthen any weak areas.

I would suggest that the church leadership study these principles together. In this way you can decide as a team what is best for your church. Certain areas of this book may be very applicable to your particular situation. Other sections may be less so. Together seek to find the Lord’s direction that you might truly develop an effective local church worship ministry.

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