Comments from some who have attended the Worship Seminar:

“I am amazed how far we’ve come in one year…[the Worship Seminar] was the beginning of a real and lasting turning point in the worship life of our church.”

“I just wanted to share that I know nothing about music (I don’t even play an instrument). I came [to the Worship Seminar] because I’m an assistant to my pastor, and was asked to accompany our worship team in case there was any ‘funny’ stuff being taught… Your material is not only solid doctrinally, but a true blessing. It further opened my heart into a new level of worshiping my God and Lord.”

“As someone who has found themselves stuck in the middle of the murmurs of ‘worship war’ whinings and struggled to express my emotions that ranged from righteous anger to deep sorrow. I now feel I have been equipped to lovingly and biblically instruct and challenge others to redirect their hearts toward God in worship. I’ve already had an opportunity to do just that with a senior member of our church and a college aged student. Thank you!”

“We had a 13-year-old there as well as an 81-year-old there…both came out with a new sparkle in their eyes, talking about God’s purpose for their lives…looking ahead…filled with vision and hope for their lives and circumstances.”

“I saw that the issues I’m experiencing in my church are not unique — but rather universal — and there are practical ways to address them.”

“Your teaching is better than a Krispy Kreme donut!”

“I so appreciated that your teaching wasn’t just academic or merely technique, but that it was practical theology and that we took time to apply those truths in worship right in the context of the seminar.”

“I have attended a few other conferences like this, but none affected me like the one you taught. You presented godly wisdom in a very understandable and ‘do-able’ format…I took more home from your teaching than I have in all other conferences combined.”

“The biggest surprise of the seminar was the height, depth, and breadth of the teaching for one small price. Wow!”

“I’ve been to many seminars where the speaker has shared his words and ideas. I have seldom been to a seminar where the speaker shared not only words and ideas, but his heart. Tom did that.”

“Tom Kraeuter brought to our small town in western Colorado a worship seminar that would be categorized as a world class ministry. It impacted not only the lives of … our church but 27 other churches that were represented.”

“Great for all ages. We brought five teenagers with us, and they were all engaged the entire time!”

“I am not involved in the music ministry at all, but I learned things that will greatly benefit me in all aspects of daily walking with Jesus.”

“My wife and I attended your seminar at Mansfield, Ohio. This is about 150 miles from where we live, a paltry distance to travel compared to the blessing we received…”

“As a pastor I am always busy ‘doing things for God,’ but you reminded me of my need and obligation to both enjoy and worship Him. You helped inspire me to be a better worshiper and to lead my people to do the same.”