What if…

What would happen if everyone in your congregation really understood worship from a biblical perspective? Not music. Worship.

  • Do you think you might hear less, “I don’t like that song,” and more, “Isn’t Jesus wonderful?”
  • Do you suppose there could be fewer negative comments about musical styles, and more positive comments about the content of worship?
  • Might there be fewer people looking at their watch or checking their Facebook posts, and more people actively engaging with God during the worship?
  • For many churches, a scenario like this one would be like someone switched on the light. So, the big question is, “How do you get that picture to become a reality?”

    The Worship Seminar with Tom Kraeuter.

The Stories:
  • Alyssa didn’t really want to attend the Worship Seminar. She’s not involved in worship ministry. She doesn’t play an instrument. Actually, she can’t even sing very well. A friend who attended a previous Worship Seminar did a bit of arm twisting and Alyssa agreed to go. By the time it was over, Alyssa was so glad she did. She called it “a refreshing for my soul.” The principles she learned helped guide her into a stronger and deeper relationship with the Lord in her everyday life.
  • Grace Church hosted the Worship Seminar, and nearly half of their congregation attended. As a result, they have seen a major positive difference in their worship services. Even the people who weren’t
    at the event itself are being influenced by those who were.
  • Bill’s church was having a difficult time engaging people in worship. They seemingly had all the necessary components — a gifted worship leader, talented musicians, excellent projection and sound, encouraging leadership — but the people seemed lethargic. Bill prayed and then he heard about the Worship Seminar. He came away from the seminar amazed. He now had practical answers and a clear roadmap for forward progress. The principles Bill learned and applied ended up making a huge difference in the church.
  • Pastor James hoped to find some answers for his aging congregation. The people were set in their ways and didn’t really have any inclination toward change. He went to the Worship Seminar wondering if anyone could really help. Honestly, the situation looked hopeless. But James got practical answers that made sense. Best of all the teaching was based on the Bible. He couldn’t believe that just a few hours on a Saturday could make such a big difference.

These are just a few of the stories from the nearly 50,000 people who have attended our Worship Seminars.

Fast Facts:
  • Bible-believing churches in all 50 states (and several Canadian provinces), of nearly every size, and from almost every conceivable background have attended these Worship Seminars.
  • The average person in our society laughs seven times per day. The average person attending this seminar will laugh more than fifteen times.
  • Each church represented will take home some free gifts from our co-sponsors.
  • People from Bible-believing churches all over your area will be there.
  • Nearly 50,000 people have attended our events.
  • What are you waiting for?

Seminar Topics Include:
  • Envisioning Worship
  • Is Worship Really a Lifestyle?
  • What are the Truly Biblical Motivations for Worshiping God?
  • PLUS: A special add-on session designed specifically for those involved in worship ministry.

Meet Tom Kraeuter

Tom Kraeuter has been teaching worship seminars and worship conferences for over 30 years. He has been leading God’s people in worship even longer than that. If your church would like to host Tom for a worship seminar or a worship conference, or if you need strong, practical, biblical teaching on worship, please contact us.

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