Mentoring Worship Leaders

In his excellent book, Rescuing Ambition, Dave Harvey tells the story of stepping down from pastoring the church he led for nineteen years. He was installing a new senior pastor, twenty-eight-year-old Jared.

During the ordination service, Jared was asked if he would commit to praying for his “ultimate replacement in ministry, with the hope of one day identifying, training, and transferring your responsibilities to him…” Jared readily agreed.

What a great concept! Even before he embarked on his “official” duties in this new position, Jared was promising to look for and train his successor.

That’s powerful! But let’s turn the tables a bit. What if every worship leader in America had that mindset?

Mentoring Worship Leaders is ten different veteran worship leaders from a variety of backgrounds, sharing their stories of training others.

This book will not only challenge you to mentor others, it will equip you to do it.

“This book is priceless!!! Tom Kraeuter has compiled a wealth of wisdom for those who have a calling to lead worship … practical and personal guidelines that can only be imparted from those who have endured many years in the ministry of worship. The life stories … will inspire you, counsel you, nurture you, admonish you and encourage you as you cultivate your precious gift of leading people into the Presence of God … Mentoring Worship Leaders is a ‘must-read’ for every worship leader. Please add this book to your library!”
Howard Rachinski, CEO and Founder of CCLI

“Worship pastors, if you’re serious about developing quality worship leaders in your church and leaving a lasting legacy, then Mentoring Worship Leaders: Training the Next Generation is a must-read for you. [It] is packed with real-life stories and practical tips from leaders with years of success in mentoring. The wisdom and experience they share can help you know how to more effectively grow your team in spiritual character and musical competency … I’ve read many worship books over the years and recommended some, but there are very few I’ve called a ‘must-read.’ This is one of them.”
Dwayne Moore, Founder of and author of Pure Praise

(176 pages)


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