Body Broken

Could We Be the Answer to Jesus Prayer?



The Great Soviet Awakening: The True Story the West Was Never ToldThe Great Soviet Awakening

An amazing true story of a huge revival that happened in the Soviet Union.



Your Identity Has Been Stolen: Discovering Who You Really Are in Christ          NEW!

Living with your identity fully grounded in Christ may be one of the most difficult challenges you will ever face as a Christian. Here’s help!


Worship In Heaven … and Why On Earth It Matters    Worship In Heaven

A picture of heavenly worship and how it can guide us here and now.



God Chose a Regular Guy … with a (Nearly) Willing Heart NEW!

The story of Gideon in the Bible, and what it means for your life today.



The Blessing of Obed-edom NEW!

Tom’s one and only novella tells the story of the biblical character, Obed-edom in a compelling and relevant way.



Keys to Becoming an Effective Worship LeaderKeys to Becoming an Effective Worship Leader

30 practical keys to becoming a truly effective leader of worship.



Mentoring Worship Leaders: Training the Next Generation Mentoring Worship Leaders

10 worship leaders tell how they trained others.



Are There Terrorists in Your Church?Are There Terrorists in Your Church?

Do you know people who are divisive in the Body of Christ? Do you ever deal with tendencies in yourself?



Reflecting God’s Mercy in an Unmerciful WorldReflecting God's Mercy in an Unmerciful World

Can we really be those who reflect the mercy of God? Absolutely!



Guiding Your Church Through a Worship TransitionGuiding Your Church Through a Worship Transition

A practical handbook for worship renewal



Developing An Effective Worship MinistryDeveloping An Effective Worship Ministry

A hands-on practical handbook to develop the ministry of praise and worship in the local church.



Things They Didn’t Teach Me In Worship Leading SchoolThings They Didn't Teach Me In Worship Leading School

50 prominent worship leaders from around the world share stories from their experiences
Combines the best from the two books Things They Didn’t Teach Me in Worship Leading School and More Things They Didn’t Teach Me…



Times of RefreshingTimes of Refreshing

A Worship Ministry Devotional