Could We Be the Answer to Jesus Prayer?

The fractured Church has seemingly little impact on a fractured culture. With hundreds of denominations and a world waiting to see truth, maybe it’s time for a different approach.

Body Broken will take you into the heart of Jesus’ prayer, “May they be one.” Could we—you and I—be the answer to that prayer? And if so, what would it take for that to happen?

In this book, you’ll find not only vision for us—together—being the Body of Christ, but also what we—together—can offer a broken world.

“I wish every believer in Christ would read this book. Tom is equal parts inspiring and challenging as he shines a beacon on our unwillingness to embrace Jesus’ priority for his Church and illuminates the way forward.”
   John Barcanic, author of God Confidence and Uncertain Seas

“In his usual succinct manner, Tom addresses the process and practice of realizing the prayer of Jesus in John 17. What does it actually mean for Christians to be one? How do we transcend the denominational and traditional differences that so often separate us? … I’d like to get this book into the hands of every pastor in America.”
   Warren Walsh, editorial director, YWAM Publishing

(150 pages)


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