Reflecting God's Mercy in an Unmerciful World

When Jesus said that loving God and loving your neighbor are the two most important commands, someone asked, “Who is my neighbor?” In response, He told a story about a very kind Samaritan.

Think about that for a moment. If we were given the opportunity to live that story in real life, would you and I actually bandage the wounds of someone we don’t even like? Would we pay someone else to take further care of the person? This seems to be an unlikely scenario. Yet Jesus said, “Go and do likewise.”

So, if Jesus said to do it, do you think it’s really possible for us to act like that in everyday life? Could we actually “go and do likewise”?

In his usual story-filled style, Tom Kraeuter takes us on a journey that helps us better understand what it means to be mercy-givers. Through Scripture and powerful anecdotes, you’ll see mercy over and over in this timely — and timeless — book. And, if you’ll let Him, God can use this book to help you better reflect His mercy in an unmerciful world.
(141 pages)


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