Who We Are

Training Resources, Inc., is the home of the teaching ministry of Tom Kraeuter. Tom is a gifted Bible teacher, prolific author, conference speaker, worship leader and genuinely funny guy. Tom has been teaching at seminars and conferences for more than 30 years. He has been leading God’s people in worship even longer than that.

The two main themes of Tom’s ministry are Christian unity and worship. In other words, relationship with one another and relationship with God.

Tom has had the privilege of ministering in nearly 500 Christian churches, in almost every major denomination, and nearly every state. If your church would like to have Tom teach for your service(s), a seminar or conference, a retreat, a denominational gathering, or any other event, please contact us.

Our Goal

Our primary goal as a ministry is to help as many people as possible develop a vibrant, scripturally-based relationship with God and His people.

Accomplishment of this goal is achieved through a variety of means, including seminars, teaching, consultation and materials — books, videos, articles, etc. — that handle the Word of God reverently, carefully and provide practical tools for life and ministry.