Some churches request Tom to speak for a retreat for their entire church, worship ministry, men’s group or for a denominational gathering. Because of his other commitments, Tom accepts a limited number of these requests.

Each retreat or event in which Tom is involved is tailored for the group and situation. Discussions with the person in charge are essential to find out the scope and goals of the event, as well as the background and history of the people involved.

A major advantage of having Tom do your retreat is that you get both an excellent speaker and a gifted worship leader in one. That’s a pretty unusual combination.

For a typical day-and-a-half retreat, we request an honorarium* plus expenses (travel, meals, and lodging). Although we do have a standard amount for such events, in certain cases this can be negotiable.

For more information or to discuss your specific situation, please feel free to contact our office.

*Some have asked why we request a minimum honorarium. First, it should be understood that the money does not go directly to Tom. We have a dedicated board of directors for the ministry and they set his salary. However, the ministry has other ongoing expenses. Obvious things include telephone, computers, postage, office supplies, etc. Along with these there are other expenses such as the salaries of our part-time bookkeeper and part-time office manager (maintains our mailing list and coordinates the details for all of Tom’s teaching events). The vast majority of the income from this ministry comes from Tom’s teaching. Whether he does a retreat, a seminar, a conference or just a single service, the ongoing expenses are still there. Therefore the requested honorarium (plus travel and meal/lodging expenses) make it possible for us to maintain the ministry over the long term.