Understanding Worship: Because Most People Don’t

Why is it that the vast majority of regular attenders of Christian churches don’t know what worship is? And just as importantly, how can we change that? Understanding Worship can be a big part of the answer.



ONE: Why True Biblical Unity Is Essential

Watch and listen as Christian leaders from all across the country talk about biblical unity for your congregation. Check it out in this video series (6 sessions) designed for small groups.



Worship’s Missing PieceWorship's Missing Piece video series

Do our horizontal relationship affect the vertical one? Does our unity impact our worship? Yes! Check it out in this video series (6 sessions) designed for small groups.



Worship: Our Highest CallingWorship: Our Highest Calling video series

Too often, the American Church has bought into a cultural perspective of worship rather than a biblical one. With straight-forward, engaging — and often humorous — teaching, Tom Kraeuter offers a clarion call to return to a scriptural model of worship. This video series (5 sessions) is designed for small groups.



Worship Seminar on DVDWorship Seminar on DVD

This was Tom’s original Worship Seminar (not the one he’s currently presenting). More than 3 hours of teaching, plus the seminar manual in PDF form, and the complete PowerPoint presentation.
More than 20,000 people attended this seminar in person. Now you can get it and watch at home or your church.